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Update : 2014
This tool was primarily inspired by a PowerPoint presentation titled "Automatic Salary Review" that my dad showed me way long back (may be in 2007). So, I tried to re-implement it for web browser in 2012 while I was still a student. Now that, I started to earn. The original PPT kind of made sense. So, I modified it accordingly, making it inline with the original version.

PS. I do not mean to convey that you should be satisfied with your salary. It's just for fun
Original Post:

Are you back home after a tedious day at the college? or are you unable to resist the stress at your workplace. Then you might require a stress reliving Happy Face Ball...Go get it

If the Happy Face Ball is not at your reach then try this small tool which will (probably) relive your stress. (this is just an experiment, share your thoughts in the comments section below)

Click here to access the Happiness Assessment Tool.
Ps : Turn up the volume

Hope you are happy !


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