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I'm a big fan of Mahesh Babu. But before that I'm a die hard fan of Movies. There were mixed reviews for the film Nenokkadine since the day it was released. Some agree that, It was indeed a great movie ever made in Tollywood. Some, on the other hand consider it as a "Headache" [sic]. However lets delve deeper into the movie and dig some points which make Sukumar(my all time favorite) one of the best screenplay writers in Telugu Film Industry.
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Sukumar is a man of perfection. He makes movies with lot of passion. He does what ever it takes to build the character and the emotion of the scene. There are a few scenes in Nenokkadine which are utterly subtle yet unimaginably appropriate to build the character / scene.

SPOILER ALERT (Do not read further, if you haven't watched the film yet. You have been warned :p )

1. The first chase scene in the movie defies the rules of physics. The car driven by Antonio (Kelly Dorji) does not spill water on its sides but Gautham's (Mahesh) bike does. Which inherently suggests that the some thing is not normal with the chase scene. Moreover, the bottle used by Gautham to kill Antonio does not have a trace of blood and the sensors based street lights which glow only when a vehicle passes through the tunnel. All suggest only one thing - Its Gautham's Hallucination

2. Rubik's Cube. We can see Gautham solving the Rubik's cube around 5 times in the movie, but in all five times he does not solve the cube completely but stop exactly when all faces of the cube have a  particular pattern which is one color around the borders and another color in the center. And that is the exact reason why Gautham's father etches the logo of the bank and the password on the Rubik's Cube.

3. This one is my favorite, When Gautham is asked about his destination at the airport, He watches a kid and speaks (in his mind) "Mumbai, Delhi, Goa..Mumbai, Delhi, Goa" with the footsteps of the kid until the kid's mother catches hold of him.

This scene is very much appropriate for the plot because
a) Prior to the above scene we get a voice over which says "Andaru ane abbadhaniki nenu namme nijaniki degaraga velthuna" and we also see see a flashback of Gautham playing with his mother.
b) Gautham sees himself in the kid and decides to go to Goa hoping that he will get closer to his parents.

4. In the same scene the kid's mother says a dialog off screen "Ekkadiki Paripothunav ra ?" referring to her child. Where at the same time Gautham answers "Goa" to the ticket issuer. No one can write this type of scene in TFI. Unless he is Sukumar.

There might be many such episodes which I might have missed. But I must surmise, Nenokkadine is one of the best Telugu Film Ever made.

Here's an interview by Rajamouli. Sukumar and Rajamouli do discuss all the above points. Do watch it.