"A Lenticular print of my thoughts..."

Spoiler's Ahead. This is just another explanation (probably one of the many) that is sensible for me in most parts, after pondering upon the movie for about a day. Nolan always treats his fans graciously, delivering what we want - Magnanimous and intricate plot which is thought provoking . His proposition is not to solve the paradox that he portrayed in this film, but to look at it differently. He had done the same with Momento, Prestige, Inception and now with Interstellar.

Getting straight into the analysis:

Plan A always fails as long as they figure out how to harness gravity. So, the first humans took plan B(their only plan at that time) and created a colony on Edmund's planet. Eventually, they figured out how to solve and harness gravity ! How can they convey this message to the coming time fragment people ? Unless, they enter "the loop". That's the reason why "they" - fifth dimension people/future time frame people maintained an artificial worm hole near Saturn.

Now, how did the worm hole appear in the first place ? Worm holes are always created in nature (for a fraction of time). The first people accessed it when it occurred naturally and successfully executed Plan B.

Consider a causal loop, where every specific moment of time repeats itself continuously in every fragment of time. If that's the presumption, then in all frames earth would be destroyed and a colony in Edmund's planet would be set up. But when the people who are in advanced time frames were able to harness gravity, they were able to create a worm hole that's even accessible in a later time fragment.. because gravity is on one dimension above time...

So, a worm hole is permanently created near Saturn irrespective of time fragment... Now in order to convey 3D people (later time fragment/ or the fragment that the movie focuses) how to harness gravity so that they can set up a station (because saving earth is out of option, something going to happen will happen). In most films, it is generally shown that people travel back in time and change events.. (Like the grandfather paradox). However, here in the film it is showed that, the future time fragment people created a a worm hole permanently for people in the later fragment to travel to the nearest black hole and access the singularity. So that they can save themselves from extinction by learning about gravity by themselves. Similarly, saving Cooper from black hole by manipulating gravity.

If all this makes sense, then there might be another question unanswered. If Cooper was a part of the expedition to start a colony in Edmund's planet, then why did he send co-ordinates to himself ?
-Still pondering upon-

As always, Nolan's films are always to be looked at differently. If something not correct, then never hesitate. There is always one extra reason to watch his film again and again. :-D