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I Pre-Ordered The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi some eons back in June and finally got it on the day before my AFCAT exam. Unable to resist myself from reading this 470 page thriller, I started off immediately. Having read his previous books The Rozabal Line and Chanikya's Chant, I did expect a lot from this book hoping to find some conspiracy theories and untold tales about Lord Krishna. But this book turns out to be a slightly less than what I have expected. 

Ashwin Sanghi's style of developing a plot shares some similarities with Dan Brown's style for which Sanghi is called Dan Brown of India. Nevertheless, Sanghi managed to get readers attention with loads of interesting facts about Indian's, its civilization and the Vedas.At times it was tough separating facts from fiction. The way Sanghi manoeuvred the plot with a meticulous compilation of Mythological, Theological and Scientific facts is splendid. The most intriguing part of the book is the exposure on Sanskrit root words and its etymological linkage to the words which we assume are actually from Greek/Latin. Just like the other books by Sanghi, this book has parallel plots with significant amount of cross-references. Sanghi tried to arouse curiosity all through the book except the climax which tends to be subtle and the key point of the book is lost amidst the interesting facts and theories.(Spoiler Alert) However, The gist of this book is similar to Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code except that instead of Jesus its Krishna !!

There is a whole bunch of references and bibliography given at the end of the book which will be my delicious morsels for the upcoming search to know more about Indus Valley and Veda's !!

Who really knows, and who can swear,
How creation came, when or where!
Even gods came after creation’s day,
Who really knows, who can truly say
When and how did creation start?
Did He do it? Or did He not?
Only He, up there, knows, maybe,
Or perhaps, not even He..

Rig Veda 10:129


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