"A Lenticular print of my thoughts..."

Excited to write my first post in this blog (http://blog.sasidhar.in).

This post is all about me and the caption - A lentricular print of my thoughts

About me..I'm Sasidhar (loved ones call me sasi), an engineering student, a avid reader, tech buff and a movie buff.

I guess this is what you will be finding in this blog - Books, Movies and every thought that triggers in my mind and end up with " Voila ! " after writing it here.

About the caption..
Duality exists in this world "Man-Women" "Heads-Tails" "Matter-Anti Matter". Similarly, with thinking "Positive-Negative". One doesn't exists without the other.

Similarly, duality in conveying a message.
This is what I'm going to write in my blog hence forth, The different perspective's of my thoughts - A Lenticular Print of my thoughts

:x Stay Tuned :x


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