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"Rajamouli's "EEGA" is not just a tiny creature, its actually a box-office monster"
Well, precisely that is what the case with Eega Film, directed by ace director of the TFI SS.Rajamouli.
Courtesy of Varahi Chalana Chitram

I remember one of my soft skills class where I was told about the best way of presenting our ideas.The workflow which produces best results.


I don't know if Rajamouli had this type of session some time before his film career or may be our instructor derived this workflow by watching Rajamouli film's. Either way this film Eega is a best example for this workflow.

When Rajamouli disclosed that he is going to make a film with Eega (Housefly) as protagonist, The whole TFI was awe-struck. Rajamouli, a specialist in making commercial hit films challenged his peer directors by starting this project which redefined the standards of Telugu Films. 

Though Rajamouli disclosed the story that Nani(Nani) lover of Bindu(Samantha) is killed by antagonist Sudeep (Sudeep) and Nani avenges his death by re-incarnating as a Housefly (Eega). Now thats a One-Line story, most bizarre concept but the execution(both movie execution and execution of the antagonist) is the most convincing part.

2 years in the making, Rajamouli has actually gone beyond the creation of this tiny creature.There are scenes which grabs our attention with the at-most amount of detailing and research done on the subject.Computer Graphics and Visual Effects rank top among any other Indian film till date.Being a VFX learner myself, I scrutinized every frame and the amount of detailing looks brilliant. Cinematography by Senthil does most of the speaking, the movements of eega are precisely shot. The background music by Keeravani stands out and elevates the visual experience.

I specifically like the scene when the housefly is born and gets into different troubles one after the other and the way the scene Zooms out from the surroundings of the housefly which seems dangerous to the same surroundings as observed by a human.

Saying anything more will give away the surprises in the film.

In a one liner "Eega - The tiny creature made by Rajamouli is actually a Box-Office Monster "

Waiting for Chistopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises


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  1. Unknown says:

    A very constructive review my friend...great insight and close observation, and yes couldn't agree more regarding the VFX...Rajamouli was special- that much we all knew, but to make a film that uses limited technology and yet makes it seem brilliant is what sets him and his team apart...clearly a ONE MAN INDUSTRY. For me the most intriguing and undoubtedly the best part of the film is what Rajamouli does with the EEGA to make us emotionally connect with the computer generated creature...that was nothing short of superb. Give the guy more money, bring him more technology and the guy could give some Hollywood biggies a run for their money.

  2. Unknown says:

    If i need to say in simple lines according to u..."ITS NOT WHAT SOFTWARE DOES, ITS WHAT USER DOES"...Rajamouli does the same thing. With the effective use of the available technology in our TFI, he created The Visual wonder EEGA!!

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