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In the past few days my conscious and subconscious mind was occupied by nothing but the Bat Sign.After much anticipation and wait for the exhilarating film of 2012, The Dark Knight Rises is actually more than just epic!

(c) Warner Bros.

This is the 3rd part of the Reboot of a 70 year old comic hero by The King (Christopher Nolan). Nolan as we all know is known to cater his audience with high intellectual films, playing with concepts related to mind,dreams(Inception), illusions(Prestige), social experiments (TDK) and this time he introduces Fear in TDKR.

TDKR has a dark and intelligent storyline with emotional and brutal ride. The peace that has been brought to Gotham is based upon a lie: Harvey Dent is innocent and Batman convinces Gordon to held him responsible for all the crimes and murders.

Criminal Bane(Tom Hardy) surfaces Gotham City, expelled from The League of Shadows.
(Bane : "I am Gotham's Reckoning")
Bane takes control of the city, drags Batman into a war he may not win. When Gotham starts reckoning for it's doomsday..The Dark Knight Rises

One of the key and challenging point in this trilogy is the climax, the ultimate conclusion to the trilogy.What has Nolan done with the characters and is it an appropriate conclusion ?? (Check it yourself)

Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer (One of my favorites) is nothing short of exceptional.The score is haunting and brilliant. Especially the starting track (A Storm is Coming and On Thin Ice), Gotham's Reckoning and Despair.

TDKR is a package of Aristotle's six basic elements of drama - plot, character, thought, diction, melody and spectacle.Nolan always finds innovative ways to push the boundaries of film making and this time he sets the bar too high for any competition.

20th July - 10:10 @ Cineplanet, Kompally


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  1. MARVEL is really unlucky. It missed a legend, but DC got him and using him well!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Unknown says:

    AWESOME man.....I hope the series continues more n more........

  3. Nolan planned it as a trilogy and he stated in a press release that this film is the last Batman film he is going to direct. However, Nolan cleverly left a door at the climax..May be another director gets a chance to continue the series from where it ended which actually depends on WB,LP,DC Comics and Syncopy

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